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A vibrant, fun, and enriching tango immersion

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Spin Your Tango Turns 🌪

During this two-month intensive series, Tomás will show you step-by-step how to make your turns more dynamic by transforming their shape and design.

⏰ Begins Friday, November 2

+ Dates

Session 1: November 2 to 4
Session 2: November 30 to December 2

+ Class Content Details

During the first weekend (November 2 to 4), you will learn about linear versus circular turns, how they work, what is the difference between them, and how to execute each type of turn with elegance, confidence, and flair.

In the second weekend (November 30 to December 2), we will focus on how to put our previous learnings to work in our own dance, by using a range of dynamic options suited to different kinds of tango music.

Bring your turns to life!

Fundamentals: how to pivot to finish a linear turn elegantly.
Intermediate: how to execute pivots to launch and create more dynamic turns and include lapices
Experienced: creating circular sacadas and planeos as a way to build energy and dynamism in your turns.

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The Intensive Study Program

The Intensive Study Program with Tomás is for students who are ready to devote themselves to tango and focus on improving their tango dancing and community skills over two consecutive months.

Participate by joining one of the Study Tracks:



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+ Private Classes

Visit this page to book your class with Tomás.

+ Questions

  • Where do I sign up?
    Good question! Begin by selecting your study track, then click on the respective "sing up" button. We will follow up by email.

  • Is this intensive for me?
    Yes, no matter what experience you have dancing tango, these classes are suited for you.

  • Which level should I sign up for?
    If you are new to tango or you consider yourself a beginner, sign up to the Fundamentals track. Otherwise, consider the Intermediate or Advanced Tracks.

  • I still don't know which level I belong to...
    We suggest you ask your local tango teacher. They may be able to help you.

  • Can I come just the first month?
    Yes, we would love to have you for the first month only.

  • How many classes are requiered to attend if I want to retain eligibility to the program?
    This will depend on the Track you join.