Frequently Asked


+ Where do I sign up?

Good question! Begin by selecting your study track, then click on the respective "sing up" button. We will follow up by email.

+ Is this intensive for me?

Yes, no matter what experience you have dancing tango, these classes are suited for you.

+ Which level should I sign up for?

If you are new to tango or you consider yourself a beginner, sign up to the Fundamentals track. Otherwise, consider the Intermediate or Advanced Tracks.

+ I still don't know which level I belong to...

We suggest you ask your local tango teacher. They may be able to help you.

+ Can I come just the first month?

Yes, we would love to have you for the first month only.

+ Can I come just the second month?

Not unless there are exceptional circumstances.

+ How many classes are requiered to attend if I want to retain eligibility to the program?

This will depend on the Track you join, read here.