Tango One to One

Buenos Aires, March 18 - 22, 2019

Study with Tomás and his Team

Luciana Valle with the One to One Team

Luciana Valle with the One to One Team


What is it?


  1      Training with Tomás

  4      Hours a day

  5      Days

 20     Hours of training

100%  Dancing with tHE TEAM


One to One

  • You will dance exclusively with dancers from the trained Tango One to One team.

  • Our Tango One to One team are members of Luciana Valle's acclaimed Tango Intensivo assistants, a succesful model for tango training in Buenos Aires since 2005.

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  • The group will consist of a maximum of 12 students

  • The training will be hosted at La Maleva tango home

  • Those who reserve first will get the chance to book their stay at La Maleva 


Cost $675

Until December 30, 2018


Join the learning and dancing opportunity of the year!


March 2019 Intensive is FULL