Become a Tango Teacher

Learn to teach tango with Tomás one step at a time

The best way to learn is by teaching next to a master teacher

Join the Teacher Assistant Team

The TAP (Teacher Assistant Project) for Argentine Tango is a Tango Learning effort that has the purpose of providing teacher training opportunities for advanced dancers and teachers within the context of real-life environments and learning situations.

You can be Tomás's Teacher Assistant during the complete duration of a workshop series.



This is how it works

Teacher Assistants will:

✓ Assist and collaborate with Tomás during class

✓ Prepare classes with Tomás beforehand

✓ Receive feedback about their performance

Patrick and Lori, TAP 2015

Patrick and Lori, TAP 2015

What you will get

Through participating in this project, selected Teacher Assistants will be able to receive direct training in the rudiments of teaching Argentine Tango, including:

  • Class planning
  • Methodology for teaching Argentine Tango
  • Content pacing and organization
  • Student engagement strategies
  • Technical rudiments of tango mechanics




  • Take advantage of this unique chance to receive personal coaching
  • Receive personalized tasks
  • Test your teaching abilities
  • Attend the workshops and receive extra materials
  • Enjoy the chance to witness the backstage of class design and creation
  • Monitor and observe workshops from the side lines

Tuition and Application

The Teacher Assistant tuition is $400

The selected Teacher Assistants will receive:

  • 5 hours of workshops assisting and teaching with Tomás
  • 10 hours of personal teacher assistant training with Tomás
  • Training preparation materials (written and video)
  • A Full Weekend Pass

Note: Teacher Assistants are responsible for arranging their own travel and lodging.


Application for all 2017 Trainings is CLOSED.

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The Teacher Assistant Project is designed in connection with the Tango Learning Program Syllabus. However, application is open to everyone. Students who have attended the Tango Learning Program may get priority in the selection process. Only two to six participants will be selected for each sponsor event.